Wednesday, 15 February 2017

FINAL FANTASY XIV fix patch errors

Your fucking picture.... thought it was a hair .  So many tears over this event. Anyone with common sense should know that these seasonal events aren't a priority when you're preparing an expansion for the summer, and the upcoming fan fest. I'm usually pretty critical in my opinion of this game, but I'd rather them focus on important things. Moreover, FFXIV Gil Valantione's Day is running alongside the Garo event that hands out a ton of useful gear for every job.Felt very underwhelming especially the reward, basically blow kiss with an added pop up? Nah rubbish, at least the angel minion was nice though.I wonder if Stormblood just might be the /reason/ seasonals are being phoned in

That event was not where the SE's focus was for good reason. As one of my fc mates put it:"I believe they spent most of this events budget on the pin up art."At least it gave me the opprotunity to watch my toon get shot down twice xD.  The dote emote and minion are adorable, however, I agree with the others. I remember the first two Valentiones' events on 14 had much more to do in them.Would love to participate in the event. But ever since i got my ps4 pro, I haven't been able to load the patch files to play...... Done at 5 o'clock on a Friday again. I hope Stormblood isn't as phoned in as much as these seasonal events and even patches are getting.

Stormblood budget is something along the lines of triple what Heavensward was iirc.  I am so sick of the lack of items you can get back from the events and lately it's getting lame cause it's just go here go there here's your two items lol maybe three if your lucky......  After awhile it gets old and boring no creativity...Microsoft has to agree with Yoshi's requirements. Buy FFXIV Gil The talks have already happened.  Yea the talks have happened but Microsoft won't budge on these requirements so it's probs a no go. Don't mean to be a boner killer. I really liked the Halloween even last year, I would like to see little mini instanced dungeons like that again! Even the Christmas event last year was cool too and gave me a reason to log in every of the event xD.

lately seem you guys aren't really putting any work into these events I mean before we had quest to do now like talk to NPC A walk 5-10feet to NPC B and turn in or run outside town and do 1 Fate and done. What happen to the work the 5+ quest to finish these events? Frankly wasn't for the items what can now buy don't even got to earn anymore and the achievement I wouldn't bother with them anymore.FINAL FANTASY XIV fix patch errors. You have people that wants to play new and old and they can't./dote One One thr most important emotes what I got from Seasons evento tho.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

FFXIV Trials of Bahamut

Mauricio Acosta I know Mauricio, but some of them said SE have trolled them before, so im still nervous about it. once SE announces it, i'll just purchase the expansion, since i dont want to play classes i really dont feel like my main class. i've played SAM in FFXI for 7 years, and i've been waiting for it to come to FFXIV since 2.0 ^^I'm pretty sure everyone's just waiting for the new job announcement. Cheap FFXIV Gil  I really hope they'll do 3 new jobs again, if not more. Red mage already has me hyped.  samurai must. what sub classes do you think it will need? i hope i dont need subclasses. just wanna get right into the flow.  I've got a feeling they are going to announce Australian servers!

 Tried to re-download the game yesterday after a year long break only to not get past the registration because it kept asking me for a product key but my product key has already been used the first time I played >. just started up as a ranger kajat looking dude   fun so far.  I got mine can't wait to watch the fun from home. Wolves of Eorzea, don’t forget to register for the fun PvP tournament at the European Fan Festival! You only have until Friday 3rd Feb to sign up.If you have a ticket to the Fan Fest and want to show off your PvP skills – this is your chance!

Did anyone else get the buffy the vampire slayer reference in new season event? Gets bitten by a vampire gets vampire abilities well turned into one, then if you look at minion from event description. Buy FFXIV Gil Dunno could be pulling hairs here but seems like blue mage is more logical now. We're pleased to announce the "Trials of Bahamut" Real Escape Game, produced in collaboration with SCRAP Entertainment, is coming to U.S. cities in summer 2017! Visit the official website and stay tuned for more info:  You have no idea how much I love hearing Bahamut pronounced as 'mut' instead of 'moot'. Yeah, a lot of people try to pronounce it like the Arabian fish deity that supposedly holds Earth up. It's name is spelled as either 'Bahamut' or 'Bahamot' but it's pronounced 'Bahamoot'. But the dragon god isn't the fish so I like 'Bahamut' with the 'mut'.

Every time I hear bahamoot I think of that ff7 video. Dale A MacKinnon, I never got far enough into 12 to hear that. Kinda happy about that now. Lol! Just like tidus is teedus, bastok is bastoke..
Everyone's mispronouncing half of the words/names ff uses. Everyone.I didn't know it wasn't Cee-sill. It's Seh-sil. Been saying the FFIV name wrong since childhood.  Dale A MacKinnon Well 12 was the first step down the path to the terrible FF games we have now, so who cares what 12 says.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

FFXIV Patch 3.5

The latest Developers' Blog entry explores aesthetic features and additions for Patch 3.5 that are sure to spice up screenshots! Seeing Titan just reminds me of my very first extreme clear. Cheap Blade and Soul Gold I was last alive he had a tiny tiny sliver of life. I get hit by his big knock back and hit a raiton after over the edge and killed him. Damn i wish I would have thought to screenshot that. That's what capture cards are for.  Yes. If only I had thought about it D: NOOB NEEDS HELP! I just finished heavanswards main story and I need to get my gear level to 185 (I think) so I can do the antitower. How do I get better gear at this point?

Centurio Seals, gets you i200 gear that can be upgraded to i210. You can do daily and weekly elite hunts for seals. You can rack up a lot in just a few days. Can get hunt contracts at the Forgotten Knight in Ishgard - Foundation.Or you can run Alexander Gordias, get i190 gear.  Buy 250 crafted gear lol 2 pieces will boost ur ilv and u can go the raids easy. Once you get all the i200 gear using centurios you should be able to start doing expert roulette and getting lore/scriptures which you can exchange in idyllshire for i230-i260 gear. Scriptures are capped weekly at the moment however for i260 gear.

Nuno Ribeiro I feel like that'd defeat the purpose of running a lot of the older content. Buy Blade and Soul Gold I mean you can always go back and do it later but it'd lose it's incentive. (obviously it depends on what Jesse would want to do though) But yes, that is also a good option for a quick fix. Run PotD over and over. Gives you 60 tombstones of lore and 30 scripts. Use those to purchase 230 and 250 gear in Idylshire.  My item level right now is 143 and I have almost no gil. And my only previous MMO experience is destiny so I'm fucking lost. Can you guys explain that in a more simplified manner?

 If you are under i160, the first few 60 dungeons will drop i160 gear. The lore tomestones earned for doing that content will get you i230 gear. You can also run Palace of the Dead, the randomized dungeon, for tomestones. As soon as your ilvl reaches high enough for Alexander (i170) you can do that for 190 gear. At i175 you can run Void Ark to get i200 gear. Since you're trying to boost your ilvl quickly to get through the story content (you need to be i210 for the last story dungeon as of right now), it's best to spend your lore tomestomes on accessories first because they are cheaper than other pieces of gear. What server are you on? Ultras probably has its own fb page. Join that and ppl there can help I'm sure . Ultros is in the Primal data center so once the new patch drops I'll be able to party up with you and help with dungeons/raids if you need it.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

join FFXIV the recent Fan fest.

I hope this one is better than last year's. have they announced sam? Samurai confirmed.  Dean Long Shayne Thompson Jr. Samurai confirmed? XD. how long does a raid take in ffxiv. kind of disappointed there wasn't another, longer trailer for stormblood :( but ooooooooooomg rdm, mained it for 8 years in xi and has been my favorite job since FF1, so this just made me squee. Dang it! I told myself they couldn't do anything to make me return. And now they do this.... I have to return now. FFXIV Gil I know it's 3.5 content not Stormblood but I'm so fucking stoked for the GARO collaboration, I've wanted that for years and I'm surprised they've done it, shame there's no pictures!

The game should have open pvp and some kind of siege activities, and more clear high lvl crafting, for now its just plain old game for single, just for the story arc and only mmo activity is when you stop and have to make dung for better eq to move forward .Samurai and dancer has not been confirmed. Remaining job announcement at Germany fanfest.  Did you see the first teaser trailer? Pretty sure that was a dancer sparring with a monk. Samurai was teased in the developers room as well as blue mage..

Well, the pet system would need an overhaul for beast master Cheap FFXIV Gil or puppet master to be any real fun, so a summoner rework would probably occur first, imo. Well Yoshi P was wearing a Spider-man shirt in the recent Fan fest. Now I challenge everyone who reads this to look up the Director for the first 3 Spider-Man films... See if that doesn't give you a BIG hint . welcome to the dumb dev team that doesnt care bout what people actually want. People wanted Drk to be dps? aww too bad its a tank, people want Sam to be tank? please try again since it will be Tank as well. I wonder which job they will mess up next.

 Jackie Chatt Do you have a source that tells if you are correct, or is this a hunch? If it's a hunch, please don't write it like that to mislead people. We'll more than likely find out more, and official, information when the Franfurt Germany Fan Fest happens in early February. Samurai was actually a tank, but it had difference stances for DPS.. and since tank in FF14 you either DPS or Tank they are the only role that can change.. unlike healer and DPS so I'm fine with it.. People complain about Sam being tank, but they don't complain about Dark Knight using Magicka... like.. come on..

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

It's pretty easy to get soulstones at Soulstone Plains in Silverfrost

Exactly why i left back in May. Couldnt enjoy the game anymore because I wasn't playing Blade & Soul, I was playing Forever Catch-up or be a cash whale/spend your life away doing dailies for hours a day just to get little accomplished for crazy requirements for upgrades. They nerfed a lot of the material requirements now but they were ridiculous back in early stage of this game in our region Blade and Soul Gold...I do miss the game a lot,   I love the game so much and would have stayed if they didn't shove contents down our throats so fast :/

NCWest ruined the game for me...I would've just gone back to play on KR server if it wasn't for ping issues. No one is forcing you to rush.   If you're playing casually then take your time. My guild has burnt through the current content already, over half already have 1-5 longgui soul shield, legndary accesories and at least baleful/serah stage 4. Hardcore guilds need new content and 678 turtle pizza. Meh, I'm still farming the infernal lord and doing moonwater coast faction quests to get 5 soulstones to upgrade the razor Cheap Blade and Soul Gold (I need 50).

 It's pretty easy to get soulstones at Soulstone Plains in Silverfrost. Especially now that all of the mobs have been nerfed recently. What server do you play on?  "Wah content is relesing too fast" there isnothing wrong with taking your time but if you REALLY want to be gear capped then join a guild, get geared, join a better guild, spam turtle, spam tomb, do all purple dailies every day. Yeah, it takes time. Yeah, its hard but the elite put in that time and effort to become elite. Go out there and play, you can do it.

(If all else fails you could always use the legendary [HM Credit Card] to take the easy way...) Content is released so freaking fast in this game. I don't feel like I'm ever caught up and I play almost every day.  I think this event is exclusive for high AP's again.. I try to go back to the game, but when i see the upgrade costs, i just feel too lazy to do anything. you guys just want eveythink to be easy to get dont want to do an effort to get anythink ..

Sunday, 20 November 2016

pre-order FFXV at Gamestop

Ok sure Square, we'll just buy the game three times, so we can have all of the content.  Or you can just wait for the season pass lol I just bought it for $25, and i get access to more than 16 dlc! Dude... Relax. Knowing them, they'll release it into the market for a 2 dollar download or something, as bad as that might be.. Its just a mini-game.. I hope so! I have a feeling thy'll do that too. Its just im a big fan and like to own everything they release so its kinda frustrating when I already dropped $300 on the ultimate collectors edition!

Exclusive pre-order at Gamestop and EB Games? Can you not? Exclusives are exclusives... Companies want people to buy it from them specifically.. Its kinda why Walgreens has different variants of a product then CVS does.  Yeah, lame move. A Kings Tale looks garbage anyway. GameStop must've paid a pretty penny for this. Buy FFXIV Gil I just said it looks garbage based on videos. If it was a good game, it would not be a singular retail company preorder exclusive. Lmao, yea it looks like garbage but the magic and summons make this game look like streets of rage on steroids.

Everyone said life is strange looked like garbage but the feels got me bad...Try that again after it comes out. K? Otherwise, keep your mouth shut.  What even is this. Cheap FFXIV Gil Is it a mobile game about his dad or something. Retro brawler like Double Dragon or Streets of Rage starring a young Regis. It's a downloadable game for consoles. Jonathan Boncher oh well that's good. I thought it was going to be another mobile thing.

I've oddly been as excited for this as I am the main game. Buy it at Gamestop to get the game on the 28th m8. Dx nnnnnn not early enough! Well come to think of it.. 9 days isn't bad.. Almost a week left.. And I already got my digital preorder ready so.. Bullcrap, Only obtainable if you preorder from GameStop?  yeah thats why i pre-ordered it at gamestop lol but eventually it will release for everyone.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

how to get FFXIV Las Vegas tickets

Whoa seriously? I was thinking of going to the Eu one next time they have a Fanfest wanted to do something different than Vegas... that sucks. It really was a mess getting our tickets and we were fortunate to have American friends to help us, but without that the last 11 months of saving for a holiday may of gone to waste. We were a crew of 6 international attendees, Cheap FFXIV Gil but met multiple other Europeans at the event who expressed similar frustrations.

I left feedback on the official forum with screenshots of my interactions with both the EU and NA support teams months ago, so I hope they have read it and informed their customer service how to better handle the situation. Woow, such a short notice from when the tickets go on sale. I was anticipating to see the prices come up soon, and the tickets to go on sale maybe a month later or something so I could plan ahead with my funds for the ticket and the trip. Of course, I get paid a few weeks after the tickets have gone on sale, FFXIV Gil so much for getting one. ;_;

I'm aware you likely can't do much about these things, but this does feel like a really short notice for such a large event? At least there's the livestream option, thanks for that! Is the Square buying team completely unaware of the difference between a pound and a US dollar? (Albeit a lot less than it was before Brexit) Pretty tired of EU region being charged so much more for no good reason on most products such as the collector's edition of Heavensward.

wish you'd have revealed the price months ago when you put up the site, not 4 days before im supposed to have it. especially when it's twice as expensive as last time so the money i had set aside isn't nearly enough! I tried to get Las Vegas tickets but they sold out too quickly. You should allow subscribed members to get tickets first as well as good a larger venue.