Thursday, 15 March 2018

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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

FFXIV Stormblood main theme song—Revolutions

 Aw ma gawd the minions riding a lil chocobo! Thats amazings!! Tiffany Bui you can buy a boxed collectors edition for steam now. But the question is if I really want collectors edition though.You'll be playing this longer than persona tho.  Does anyone know if the statue is plasticy like the Dragon one of heavensward or if different, Wish I knew that BEFORE I preordered the digital CE on there over a month ago. you know just in case you wanted it.. lol. Bring a Necromancer to this game and I will love you forever. Or bring a DPS mode for DRK with Scythe and the Absorb spells... Why do CE nowadays have to include those useless figurines? FFXIV Gil These dolls for manchildren skyrockets the price of the CE.

I don't recall any final fantasy games with the necromancer job or class. Nice idea though. Why do CE nowadays have to include those useless figurines? These dolls for manchildren skyrockets the price of the CE. DONT. BUY. STEAM. VERSION! Being a steam player and wanting physical copies... And? I love all the awesome extras that come with physical collectors editions. Always brought both the steam copy and the physical CE and had to give the physical codes aways. So this is great!...Buy FFXIV Gil If it was announced when the other ones were. As is I've already redeemed my steam codes so can't refund it. :Question does anyone know how big the statue is? Felicity Fong have your prays been answered?

Presenting the FFXIV Stormblood main theme song—Revolutions!Nothing could beat Dragonsong for me, but it's still nice! Will be hard to memorize, though...

I always end up singing and crying Dragonsong when doing dishes, let's see what this does to me.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

FFXIV Patch 3.57 DNS setting

Lol you speak for the whole community AND square enix?! Wow you must be really impressive. Who complains about more story and more content lol...I'm so happy that I pay for a game that I have to search the internet to find out how to log in after a patch...Thanks SE... Huh too bad I just cancelled my membership because for the last 3 days all I've gotten is unable to complete version check or cannot download patch files. Broken launcher just lost you a long time player. Hi, i buy a bundle pack, with the ff14 real reborn and heavensward, but how can i put the code for the heavensward, i try in mog station, but just appears "Invalid code". Nerfing grinds and negating the effort older players had to put into things just gives us more time to dabble in other mmo's.

 "The number of elementally aspected luminous crystals required to exchange for Astral Nodules and Umbral Nodules has been reduced from three of each to one of each"... Really? Cheap FFXIV Gil Ps4 launcher will not update. )': can't run the game since "maintenance" . We deleted all game data reinstalled. Reset the ps4 that didn't work. So the first step was to go into your network and hit setup internet. Pick custom, then pick auto for ip, dont designate the next option , and pick manual for the dns. Once it pops up should be for main and secondary dns servers. Swap the top one to and swap the second to After that check connetion to make sure its set up right and connects.

Leave network and relaunch the game updates. If it stops you later in the dl at like 60-80% done, try swaping the same piece again to and This is whats working so far for us. Update: it worked! I am in yay! What a pain in the butt that was, also took hoooours! I need to do this. Mines not working either. Thanks megan allura.   FFXIV GilThank you Megan! Mine wasn't working then changed just as you said and now it does!  Thank you so much Megan! This was the only thing that worked out of all the suggestions! Just when i finished farm crystals y'all change it smh haha but this will make starting a new anima much easier! Is there really any point in doing the anima weapons? Just came back to the game. Was told that they're adding new relics to stormblood and that it wasn't worth the time etc.

True but perhaps you shouldn't earn any weapons in the game as better ones are coming out in the expansion. /EndSarcasm. Might run the original zeta/zodiac for glamour for my Bard. Jonathan Karkotsky pretty much just for glamours now, and completionists who want all the achievement points. The new Diadem has higher ilevel than what was out before(for weapons) but not necessarily better stats, as if I recall they are completely random. The anima is nice to have since you can trade it in for the better version of the maxed out anima in Stormblood. The Diadem is nice for high ilevel gear but the stats are completely random so you could end up with garbage. that would be cool if it would let me in keep saying unable to complete version check.

Monday, 10 April 2017

FFXIV for potato computers

I still remember how awesome the idea of using chocobos for Uber/Lyft... I cried a bit knowing it's April fools day, My favourite part of that whole thing is the 8-bit music themes they used.  I like this retro video for every xp habit. Looking forward to stormbloods! Well, given the comments I think it's pretty clear we need a "retro" dungeon. See the last time Square Enix made an april fools joke like this, they showed the mini game where we control our minions like pokemon. look where that got us? FFXIV Gil Lets hope they will do it again with this one <w< Also if FINAL FANTASY XIV reads this...I hope you do know that a tactics game where we have skills used in FF14 is something the world would love to see right...? we need a new tactics game.

The Youtube vid for it was posted March 31st, better be damn real. it is really sad that it is just a joke. My fiancée was disappointed that this wasn't a real thing.  Well at least now square has proof that there are people who actually want a new game like this lol, Even though it's a joke, can we please have a 8-Bit version of Rise? That sounded really neat xD.This is on the same level of depressing as Chrono Resurrection if it isn't true. I hate April fools jokes that is something I want.  Nice Tactics Ogre-esque for FFXIV. I dig it...A lot... where do I toss my money? Oh wait. ..ya don't want it cuz this is a joke =[

It's funny because they've known what we want the whole time. FFXIV for potato computers and consoles lol. Looks so much like tactics ogre... Fml. I mean tnh I wanna hear the full ver of Alex Prime's theme in 8-bit. More sad about the rise chiptune not being a thing then anything. Even though its april fools the music is awesome.I love these videos, Cheap FFXIV Gil SE and ff14 work so hard to make them look so good.  So starved for good final fantasy that even jokes look amazing.  Just give me another fucking tactics game you assholes! NOT FUNNY, this is all I want in the world.  Sound: Nailed it! SE, bring back Legend of Legaia please!!!!  release this game, like seriously. We're never getting another Tactics game, are we? Hell, can we download that killer chiptune somewhere?

Of course you'd April fools an actual good game fans would like, paladin using rage of halone how unrealistic. Can... Can you ask Sokken-Sama to release that 8-Bit version of Rise in the new ost release D:  Is there a source to these sprites? I need to have these. Wasn't there a 16-bit version of the Titan fight?  I would buy the collector's edition. And people wonder why I hate today.  I kinda actually wanna see this. April fools guys. Never gonna happen xD. Why is this "APRIL FOOLS" so fucking elaborated???? BTW its not a Final Fantasy Tactics reference. It is a Tatics Ogre reference. God this would be awesome haha.  April fools guys. Never gonna happen ,  And yet music is so awesome I want the full version of it. I got excited...then realized what today is damnit.I would totally play this haha!

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

FFXIV patch 3.55b

No it's not.. there are suppoze to be more story line to it. Had in game friends even say it wasnt out yet. Aaron Moger are you sure? I cannot find main quests at sand waking after last main quest of part idea then i thought patch 3.55b was the last patch we were getting before stormblood. Last bit of story will be in 3.58. Hahahah....I'm never going back. May never even play WoW again. I'd be down so we can get stuff! Are people who participated in the beta barred from this too? Should be a email in the address you have your ff account linked to. i'm going to callback u pls wait for me . never mind u have to b friends )-: )-: )-: u will never come back. At least you thought of me. Arnelli Vargas been wanting to come back bruhhh. Come back already you wuss! I'll help you lvl up again hahaha! Just like old times.

 I'm on PS4, someone want to invite me back. Desperate for more players? this game is dead. You just cancelled my subscription again. What am I paying for? Okay...I'll do it later since I have all next week off. Vacation week yay. I hope a free login campaign will come.  i wont get items or free game time because it won't let me subscribe online. I had to have someone who was friends with me before invite me back. Also fair warning they only send the invite back emails once a week. Buy FFXIV Gil So they have to be your friend in game? You could always restart the old fashioned way. You really only miss out on the 7 days of free playing, the rest doesn't matter (free gear and such) because it's all negligible.yay i back 4 days ago and noone cares q,q.Well,

That's slight hyperbole (more like 3), but I was sort of at a loss of what to do anyway. The fact I almost lasted 3 months is a miracle as it is. You know how my attention spam gets. Won't work unless you are on their friends list in game. Last time I sent two of these requests to two different people and they didn't get either of them. yeah, sent this callback campaign email to a number of friends and none of them have received it. so it's definitely a bit broken.   FFXIV Gil I don't need 7 free days... all I need is free time on my agenda to play x)  I don't need 7 free days... all I need is free time on my agenda to play x) And they haven't received any rewards either.

 It's a side profit alongside the sub fee to help fund the production of the game and hasnt poisoned the mmo....YET... with the rise of boost potions expect it too start. thats my personal opinion tho.  

Thursday, 23 March 2017

FFXIV pay the sub fee

Problem is I moved from Siren to midgardsormr and can no longer invite them back to play with the way the current setup is. I should be able to email them from within the Mog station or something.  I would love to come back, but it would probably take me this seven days to download and install with my internet connection. Would return back to the game FFXIV Gil. But what would even keep me or make me stay.FFXIV does nothing for the players to stay other than you pay the sub fee.On the other hand another MMO that actually makes me play everyday is Black Desert Online and they give you a reason to stay. Yeah, nothing except a regular flow of new content... That every couple of months. It doesn't entice me to stay. Sure I'd love to get to the new stuff but it's such a drag getting there. The progression is insanely slow in FFXIV.

Progression isn't slow. It's actually rather fast. Sometimes a little too fast, but that's what happens when it caters to both casual & hardcore. Despite this, people still have an entitled attention span of a dog in a ball pit. It's insanely slow considering I poored 165 hours in. Also trying other small classes as well as skills. Cheap FFXIV Gil Not even close to end game. On top of that the playerbase is so reserved. Nobody likes to talk or party up unless they really need too early on. It's the complete opposite of an MMO.  Uh... if you've put in 165 hours into the game and havent leveled your archer past 31, something is wrong. >_>; Sounds like we're playing two different games based upon your experience. I was hoping that there would something different to exchange the gold feathers for. Love the game but hate the community.

Too many weirdos for me. That makes you weird tho.. Yea ill come back once stkrmblood drops. Until then Legion has my attention now. Anyone wanna shoot me an invite. I was planning on coming back this week anyways lol .Won't work unless you are on their friends list in game. Last time I sent two of these requests to two different people and they didn't get either of them. yeah, sent this callback campaign email to a number of friends and none of them have received it. so it's definitely a bit broken.  I don't need 7 free days... all I need is free time on my agenda to play x)  I don't need 7 free days... all I need is free time on my agenda to play x) And they haven't received any rewards either.

Have they purchased a subscription within 90 days? Rachel Lester Oh I did not see that. Thank you! They've only been back for the one month. You guys really pist a lot of people off with that diadem crap and what was said from yoshi p. I'd fix that crap quick.... Stop saying stuff like you know -.-  The game can be fun but it's nothing like ffxi was. Too sad that they crushed that too, ugh. Mhm, sure will when you tell us when we're getting Part 2 of Patch 3.5. We're running out of March here....

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

FFXIV hoping SAM would come sooner

I can taste the salt of everyone who said it was one job and someone else saying it was a different job...either way someone will be disappointed and complain more. I'm spending the next hour finding these people saying blue mage and dancer and enjoying their sweet sweet tears. Finally. The trolls can stop posting what they think the new job/jobs will be. Cheap FFXIV Gil We will finally KNOW. When I started playing FFXIV back then..I asked for reviews at reddit. Some trolls inboxed me the whole story lol.

 Nah, they will just start on guessing the next jobs The next job in 5.0 is beastmaster. Is the stream the same place as the JP one or is there a different site/twitch? Here's a fun idea Final Fantasy XIV marketing team! Bring more merchandise to the EU stores! I'm still hoping for a blue mage tank and/or a dps samurai. More likely SAM :D I wouldnt stand to keep playing WAR, since i really dont like it, played SAM in FFXI for 7 years, started FFXIV hoping SAM would come sooner or later, if it doesnt come with this expansion i'll certainly quit the game. I just want my dancer but samurai will more than likely be confirmed. When fan fest will come to Montreal??? Buy FFXIV Gil You have fan here in the east coast, you know..

I can't go, but have last minute tickets if anyone wants to buy them? Got 2, let me know ladies and gents. And then we'll find out if we get tank and if it's samurai, or dps. No wait, I got that sentence mixed up...

I wouldn't care either way as long as sam is a dps and not a tank. I love swords but hate tanking. I was really irked when one of my fav jobs was made into a tank even though thematically it has been a dps type of job. It's going through CB3 right now and should be in open beta soon.. I've played many games in my lifetime and I must say this MMO is something I've been longing for because it has all the good features from every other MMO.