Monday, 23 July 2012

How to Make Runescape Gold

Almost all Runescape players want to get rich in their runescape account, but it’s really a hard work. Actually, making money in runescape is exactly the same as making money in the real world. If you want something, you need to pay money, so you need to make money at first. Now, I’m going to tell you about how to make Runescape gold.

There are some ways to gain runescape gold without a great deal of effort. The first one is via the Slayer skill. This skill is very useful for training character and progressing through runescape. Just pick up the drops from each monster you kill, and check them in the price checker at the end of each trip. It’s easy, right?

Doing slayer tasks repeatedly can gain runescape gold. Most players in Runescape will train slayer at least once a week, however, the true key to making large amounts of money is to slay immediately after the first kill even.

You need to know what you’re actually capable of doing if you want to know how to make gold on Runescape. If you are a low combat level, you can use runecrafting and woodcutting skills to make money; while if you are a mid level player, you can get very good drops by killing monsters; if you are a high level player, you can go to God Wars Dungeon. You can get drops worth 200 million gold.

Farming is also a good way to make money. You don’t need a high farming level to start planting money making herbs, you can get to around level 50 farming quite easily, and after that it’s simply a matter of checking on the Runescape Grand Exchange as to which herb will give you the best returns. This is very good skill for you to get rich in Runescape.

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