Sunday, 29 July 2012

How to start play runescape

If you are a newbie of runescape, and after you register a new account on runescape account, you must want to know how to start that. I’ll give you some information about that.

I knew the runescape game from my friends. I remembered one day he told me he could make some money by selling his runescape account on This news was amazing to me, and that day I visited the It’s said it could provide the cheapest and safest runescape account. This website has its forum, ask and blog, many players share their experience on it.

After knowing that, I register a free runescape account on runescape official website. There are some NPCs, who will give you some tips about this game. In runescape, you need to accomplish a lot of tasks and quests. Of course there are many skills you can use but some skills need the membership, which need you to pay for it.
After you accomplished a series quests, your combat lvl will increase but this need an amount of time. It took me nearly half a month to get 15 combat lvl, and then I lost the membership. After that I want to experience the high combat lvl pleasure, I came to  get a high combat lvl account. It’s cheap and safe, you can also visit farmer100 to know more information.

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