Tuesday, 31 July 2012

RuneScape Updates

Runescape is a popular online game since 2001. There are still many game players like it. Runescape has some perfect design. The first one is details. Every time you log into runescape , you can find a new quest or place to explore. This is mysterious and magical. Second, no matter what kind of browser, runescape is accessible, so you can play it at any time. This is very convenient. Thirdly, runescape’s quests can give some different feelings. Sometimes, it makes you laugh and smile; sometimes, it makes you cringe and scared.

The team at a Jagex is excellent. There are game updates pretty much weekly. Recently, the runescape officially announced a new facelift game with new logo image host game. The website of the new revision to the game players not only joined the more about web game new content RS, but also bring more visual impact. Now, runescape supports the English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese version, but has no Chinese version. Maybe, this is a good chance for Jagex for the large population. Despite its very humble origins over 10 years ago, runescape has made updates these years. Not only game updates, but also events, non-combat activities, PvP and so on.

The information is from farmer100.com.

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