Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Mining to WoW Gold

Do you play World of Warcraft? Do you have a world of warcraft? If the answer is yes, then you may want to know how to make World of Warcraft money. There are many skills can make gold in World of Warcraft. Today, I’d like to share my experience about making WoW money by mining skill.

Mining is a very good skill to make WoW gold. It’s also an easy skill to make World of Warcraft gold. The number of people in your server and miners largely determine your character’s competitiveness. Pay attention to your auction house in World of Warcraft. You’d better to check at it before you go out and farm your ore and you will profit from it. Some WoW players may thing a lesser ore is not a good choice to make money. However, in my opinion, this is demanded a lot more than the higher grade.

Just like our real life, the supply and demand largely determine the price. If you know this, you will not setting off the nodes like a crazy person. Pay attention to your bags. Make sure the bags are clean before you go to a remote place. You need to come back with full bags if you forget this.

After you decide what you want to mine, you can head to the farm. Check the features, especially the mountainous and hilly where you can find nodes. Do not distract your attention on flat land for there has no node. Go around in circles in your area close to the border. You will see a yellow dot which tells you the location of node on the mini-map in World of Warcraft. Mine the node until fill up your bags. As mentioned earlier, you’d better store these nodes in the auction house, but I also said the price is depended on the supply and demand. When you store the nodes in the auction house, the supply increases, if the demand is low, the price will be low. So it is sensible to wait for a while. You can get a good price when the demand increases. You can make more gold!

Searching for a jewelcrafter is also can make World of Warcraft gold. You need to be careful; it may be risky because you don’t know what you may get. If you have a good luck, you can get a good price for your ores.
Making World of Warcraft gold can be a little boring. Maybe it’s a better idea for you to buy World ofWarcrat account. You can find many wow accounts on the internet, including some high level accounts with a lot of WoW gold. You can see another article “where tobuy World of Warcraft accounts” to purchase a good one.

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