Sunday, 12 August 2012

Why We Choose Farmer100 to Buy Wow Account

First, Most need to pay attention for buy world of warcraft is the security of account. The employees of farmer100 are integrity, we know a lot of about wow, and most of us have 5 years for gaming experience.Therefore, we can ensure which kind of wow accounts are safe, which are not. We only show the best wow account to the consumer. we have the most honest and warmhearted team to offer the best service for consumer.
Second, is one of the most popular and professional MMORPG online shop. It was established in the 2007.You can choose any cheap WOW accounts as you prefer in here. That’s efficient and security.

Third, All WOW accounts on our sites are safe! After we buy them from sellers, we will change all information on the accounts, and remove the recoveries and registered email address. We have few steps to test if those WOW accounts safe enough before put then on sale. If we do not think the WOW account is safe enough, we will reject the seller.

Fourth, we take responsible for all wow accounts that we sold out, if you buy world of warcraft in farmer100, we will help you recover the wow account back if it locked, banned or hacked. If we can not recover it back, we will give you a new and similar wow account for totally free.

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