Monday, 15 October 2012

How to Make a Deal on Farmer100?

This article is intend to tell you how to deal on farmer100 safely and quickly.

Part one: Buy goods on Farmer100.
You can register a member account on farmer100 before you buy goods on farmer100. While, if you don't want to own a account, you can also buy goods on farmer100.
Choose the goods you want to purchase. Farmer100 can provide game accounts, game gold, game items and so on.
Find the page about the goods you want to buy. View the details.
Talk to the farmer100 livechat for more information about the goods. The livechat will help you know more detail information, such as delivery time and the best payment method.
After confirm the information about the good, click buynow, and fill in your information.
Pay for the goods, and wait farmer100 to deliver it to you.
You can track your order on farmer100 if you register an account.

Part two: Sell goods on Farmer100.
You must register an account before you sell items on Farmer100. Its very easy and quickly. Just need your name, your email and your phone number.
Sign in with the account, and find the page.
You can find a article about how to sell to Farmer100. This article can give you some guides.
Finish the information that farmer100 asks you to provide. After you finished all, farmer100 will notice you that you have sold your goods to farmer100 successfully.
Then, you need to wait. Farmer100 will check your information. If all is right, farmer100 will sell your goods to buyers.
You can get payments after your goods has been sold.
Get the money, and the deal is finished.

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