Monday, 22 October 2012

How to Post on Farmer100 Forum?

Farmer100 is a virtual goods seller established on 2007. It’s not only a website selling game items, but a good platform to share game experience. Farmer100 owns a big forum for game players including more than 20 kinds of game. Here is how to share your experience on Farmer100 forum. It’s really easy.
1.Input the website address
2.Open Farmer100 website.
3.Look the bottom of the website. You will find the word “forum”. Click it, and you will reach farmer100 forum.
4.Register an account. It’s easy and fast. Fill in your name, email, phone and password.
5.Sign in with the account.
6.Choose the board you are interested. Now, you can scan posts and write a new post now.

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