Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Farmer100 Legit and Farmer100 Safe: Should We Legislate for Online Games?

Farmer100 Safe and Farmer100 Legit Concerning the Legit of Online Games

Should the government legislate for the online games? Farmer100 regards we should do that. While some people think we don’t need to do that for we can not control the content of the online games in technical aspect. It is obscure to implement who developed the games and who receives the games. Besides, from the points of view of the online games’ development, the management equals to control. The online game is in the stage of vigorous development, if we legislate we will limit the development of online games. Farmer100 believes we can not ignore the healthily growth of teenagers in order to develop the online games.

In fact, countries in the world are all intervene in the online game. Some countries regard it as their bounden duty and obligation to intervene in the online game in order to protect the security of network for teenagers, control racial hatred and limit the unfair commercial competition. The most common practice is to modify the original internet regulations to include the management of online game. Some countries simply launch new online game regulations.

The birthplace of the Internet is the United States and it is also the powerhouse of online game. The United States manage online games mainly through the implement the internet law. In 1978, Florida passed the Computer Crime Act. Subsequently, around 47 states in the United States promulgated the Computer Crime Act. Since 1978, the United States governments have proposed 130 bills. All these can indicate the United States are counting on the legit of online games and the security of Internet. Farmer100 safe and farmer100 legit think all countries should make a health environment for the online games and the teenagers. Farmer100 safe and faremr100 legit sometimes get some complaints from farmer100 customers for having no access to protect their legal rights. Some farmer100 customers told the farmer100 live chat they once got nothing after paid for game items. Farmer100 live chat also got very angry about this behavior. So, farmer100 safe and farmer100 legit consider it extremely urgent to regulate the online game market.

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