Monday, 26 November 2012

Farmer100---Not Get Your RS Account Suspended

Farmer100 advocates playing games safely. During the past 5 years, farmer100 gave a big help to Ruenscaep and World of Warcraft beginners. In this article, farmer100 will give you some tips to protect your Runescape accounts.

After you registered a RS account on the Runescape official website, you’d better to log in your account and chose the characters. Don’t walk outside when your level is only 3 or 4. If you are caught by the GM, your accounts will be suspended, especially your account has much runescape gold or many runescape items.

In Runescape, you may experience some game players trying to talking with you. Some of them will ask you to buy RS items and some players ask the directions. You’d better not to talk with them in order to protect your game accounts. Farmer100 thinks it is necessary for you to pay attention.

Nowadays, many game players want to get a free and awesome Runescape account. However, it never will rain roses. We need to pay for what we want. And because of this, we need to protect our game accounts for we spending so much time and money on them. Never tell your password to other players. You don’t know if he will steal your accounts for the equipments, gold or awesome skills. Farmer100 think the first way to protect your RS farmer100 account is to change your password as soon as you get the account. It will be safer if your password is complicated. Then, you can ask the farmer100 live chat to help you change the register email. It is easy. Just log in the Runescape official website and chose the setting account. You will find the email board and then expand it. Click the change email button and you will get an email to tell you how to change the register email.

Farmer100 safe and legit center often update new game guides and protection methods on farmer100 website. If you don’t want to miss it, keep close eyes on this good website.

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