Monday, 12 November 2012

RS Farmer100

RS Farmer100 Suggests you Paying Attention to Recovery Questions

RS Farmer100 Suggests you Paying Attention to Recovery Questions when buy or sell runescape accounts


RS Farmer100 set game service agreement to ensure the customers’ benefits when buy goods on line at the first time. Certainly, it is an agreement that both farmer100 runescape customers and farmer100 should respect jointly.

Runescape account is a type of virtual items in online shop. You must have known to pay attention to the security of runescape accounts as a game player for some time. But do you have sense of those recovery questions that have been set by the previous owner?

If you bought a runescape account on farmer100, you should check that if the usename and password is all right and can be still used in the future. Observant players will also check information like levels, bank password and items in bank. However, there is few people pay attention to the recovery question. They do not make sense of setting recovery question and even follow with interest of it when buy a runescape account which is created by other players.

Rs farmer100 takes responsibility for the runescape account which has no recovery questions or member records.  If the runescape account has recovery questions or member records, the period that rs farmer100 takes responsibility will be extended to 14 days.   

Jagex Account Guardian is an optional security feature that provides an enhanced level of security to help RuneScape players protect their account. If the original runescape account owner still want to play it after hi has sold it for long time. He or she can still modify the password which you have set in use as a new host. Devices can be added temporarily or permanently, as well as being removed at any time using their some security questions. With JAG enabled, some unrecognised devices blocked from accessing RuneScape and will need to go through some security questions check before granted.

So, there is rs farmer100 advice here everyone would benefit from being reminded about. Once you get all the information of the accounts you have bought, please remember to modify recovery questions along with password at the same time. Certainly, you do not need to do so if the account on runescape farmer100 which has no recovery questions or member records.

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