Sunday, 9 December 2012

Farmer100 runescape: How to collect runescape resources?

Farmer100 runescape

Do you like playing runescape? Do you know how to collect resources in runescape? On farmer100 runescape, farmer100 live chat is glad to tell you.

Fishing: Players go fishing in a specify waterside, and most food are used for cooking to supply the value of life.
Mining is another method to collect resource. Dig out the different vein of the ore from a particular hole.
Woodcutting: a large number of trees cut down by an ax, and to light a fire and cover the house and make arrows.
Farming: players on the designated farmland to cultivate, plants can be used as food or medicinal.
Cooking: it is a food making skill. The higher skill you have, the more advanced food you can cook .There are meat, pasta, drinks, etc.
Crafting: including sewing, cutting, created diamonds in glassware.
Smithing: the ore dug from the veins smelt to be a piece of metal, and then use piece of metal on the anvil, a hammer is needed in the column of the player's items. Skills can make money in the free players, but it costs time to practice.
Fletching: manufacture of crossbows, arrows, and darts. It can be used to make a lot of money quickly.
Herbalism: This is caused by some plants herbs. Drugs can temporarily enhance certain skills of the players.

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