Thursday, 18 April 2013

It's time for the latest edition of the Community Round Up

Jagex PLEASE help me, i downloaded the new Java to play runescape (ON MAC) and now my screen won't stop spinning if i press the keys to move my camera, this is a problem many people are having and complaining about. I've searched the forums, and the only solution I have found is to download the client and edit it, which I have done, but it is not working. It says runescape is damaged. So I'm stuck with a spinning screen that's naseating me, PLEASE help, or message me.I'm hoping a mod can see this!
Hi I am Babble60 and I was hoping that you could somehow find a way to make a downloadable client for the 07 game. I know about the whole text edit thing (i have a mac) where u can change it to buy runescape account old school but the problem that myself and a quite large number of selling runescape accounts other people is that we can't save in text edit bc we don't have administrative access and can't get it. So please is there any way you could just make a downloadable client? I know its asking a lot but I love this game but I (and A LOT of other people) can't play on my computer. Thank you so much for your time!

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