Monday, 15 April 2013

RuneScape quests

RuneScape quests often feature some memorable lines. What's been the best thing an NPC has said to you? I can't remember the line.. But it's a quest in the desert were a guy is talking about another guy who went out to buy runescape account find a toilet, which will take some time, 'cause there are no toilets in RS When an NPC would randomly appear and say "Quick, Zabuto Pein! I need you!" Made me feel so wanted. haha I miss the random events!One said that Jagex only cares about the money and since a NPC said it along with my opinion it is a fact. Jagex no longer cares about the players. If they did they would scrap EOC as it has lost them half their player base and bring more F2P features into the game selling runescape accounts. I say this even though I am a Runescape member.

Well you've changed so many of the original quests, unfortunately many of these lines, moments, and memories are gone.

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