Wednesday, 15 May 2013

community events in Diablo 3

Wow, I cannot believe the number of haters here. No AH in the console version? Too bad. I love the AH, both gold and real. I'm a semi-retired guy with a couple of bucks to spend. I have my Barb as tricked out as I'm likely to get him from "farming", (I hate that term - I call it "playing") and can equip him to deliver a whopping 212k + dps, or, when playing MP5 or above, I go with my full Immortal King set and he's virtually a tank. I have been playing Diablo since it first came out, still have the disks for D1, D2 and Expansion and still play them all! Look folks diablo 3 account sale, you can't please everyone with Diablo 3 account

There are things I wish they would address, but overall, it's still the best game out there, If you hate it that much, don't play it. Nobody has a gun to anyone's head forcing them to log n and play. Find something you do like and do that, but I am getting pretty sick of coming here and reading all the whiny posts by people who should probably just go play some other game. The latest patch is fantastic and has enabled me to meet some new and interesting folks. So, please, if you really think D3 sucks, feel free to leave. The rest of us won't miss you.

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