Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Occupational characteristics of Witch Doctor

Witch doctor to curse summoned creatures and a variety known in the basic attributes, the intellect is preferred,  Diablo 3 items it can enhance the witch doctor damage. Meanwhile the witch doctor also has the following characteristics of these occupations:

There are thousands of shamans around the strange creatures - subspecies creatures, zombies, bats, spider puppet and so on. Many organisms are wandering around in their masters, until death.
Elemental attacks
Witch Doctor can summon devastating magic to harm toxic cloud group, a group full of flames and bats swarm of locusts. And even sacrifice pet's body, resulting in an explosion fragments to attack sell diablo 3 account the enemy.
Curses and witchcraft
Weaken and slow down the enemy's magic can help weaken those burning hell minions. There are a lot of curse witch doctors, including the ability to steal the soul of life and poison arrows and so on.
Battlefield Control
All and witch doctors who fought have undergone physical and mental distortions, limiting their ability in combat. From the land of invisible ghost after touching the enemy's body would turn them into chickens, and even allow them to fight in the spirit fled.

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