Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Nexus

There's something big, dark, and slimy emerging from the murky depths of Lumbridge Swamp. The nature of this strange entity is unknown, but what it does mean is an awesomely social Prayer-training method aimed at low-level players!

Members will be able to head over to Lumbridge Swamp and help the druid Ysondria channel elemental forces with the sheer force of faith selling runescape accounts, stemming the tide of the corruption and earning plenty of Prayer XP in the process. There's also a chance that the horror will show its ugly face, and you'll be able to earn more XP sending it back where it belongs.

There'll be a finite amount of Prayer XP that you can gain from this training method or cheap runescape accounts, but it'll be enough to get a new player from 1-40 and over that first levelling hurdle with the minimum of chicken bone burial. For everyone else, it'll be a fun way to pick up a nice chunk of Prayer XP in a really cool-looking area while chatting with your friends.

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