Friday, 24 May 2013

Wrath of the Lich King Trailer

I like how people come to the WoW page just to comment telling people to not play WoW. Let people play whatever the hell they want. Shane, you look like an adult.. and it seems like you're proud to call yourself a "troll" - how dumb. It's a game. Some people have fun with it.. some don't. Period. Speak for yourself Shane. Personally I think you're an idiotic troll who wow gold for sale doesn't deserve the privilege of playing. Be really happy if you never did. Most of us like this page because Blizzard has given us an amazing world and years of great memories。

Not my favourite Expansion (TBC was my favourite), but one of my more favourite Trailers, I love the voice over on it, it made the whole of the Trailer just bind together I thought. The only expansion with DK class that I really liked. Catacylsm just turned me off completely and now kung-fu panda has converted me over to buy wow gold TOR for good. Maybe one day they will take out something epic like Wrath and I might come back.  You guys are retarded for making a lich look like a death knight and then you made the problem worse by making all the zombies lok the same and like vodoo dolls and now you killed the game with the gayness of kung fu pandas. Star wars didn't kill you, you did.

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