Monday, 3 June 2013

how bizz talk about diablo 3

I got a crazy good manticore that dropped a week or so ago... only it spawned with intelligence. WTF is that? Stop giving properties to items that are made for characters that welldiablo 3 gold never use them! Happens soooooo much and makes 99.9% of your loot worthless!

 The entire game is the easter egg! LOL. I wish I had something good to say but none. U have to play buy d3 items the game 4 times just to complete a character. That is stupid!

 Diablo 3 is amazing blizzard just needs to tweak the chat interface more like they did with diablo 2.

 Blizz wins either way, those hating still bought the game, so blizz got the last LOL apparently.

How about making a new voodoo mask called Exiled Pathwalker? Extremely weak endgame helm, but  cheap diablo 3 gold significantly improves the strength of zombie dogs, increases their number, and gives them a chance to revive a monster they killed for 60 seconds.

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