Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Jade Forest in World of Warcraft

Perhaps you don’t care equipment and gold, but when you play World of Warcraft, you will enjoy the world of Azeroth. World of Warcraft is such a good game that I was fascinated to its interwoven stories. I’m going to introduce the Jade Forest in World of Warcraft.

The Jade Forest is a beautiful green forest with a lot of bamboos. The Pandamen lived in the forest to venerate the ancient spirit “Jade Jiao”. They even built a temple for him. When the Horde and the Alliance get fierce fighting in the South sea, the tribe’s spaceship was shot fell on the north side of the Jade Forest, while the alliance’s warship damaged on the shore of south sea. The two camps find the place is full of resource and new alies.

In the north of the Jade Forest, there lived a race that looks similar to the monkey. We call them Monkey Sun. The life of Monkey Sun is shorter than others. They are intelligent but they communicate with a poor language. Their structure is relatively simple. However, no matter how stupid their efforts are in other people’s eyes, they never give up to improve their status. Padanman admire their spirit but get frustrated by their reckless in return..

The Kam fish lived in the south of the Jade Frorest. This is an amphibious race with intelligence. They are very hard-working. They put up a dam in the river. Their society has a strict class system that decides everyone’s occupation and future even  during their infancy time. Most elderly Kam fishes are so-called “water language” for they can listen what happened near the river by straight the Wand into the water. They can predict the relevant thing in that way. Although padanman are afraid of its strict society, they are very awe of prediction.

For the continuous learning and expansion of Monkey Sun, the conflict between Monkey Sun and Kam fish is growing. In the past, padanman are the peacemaker between them in order to avoid large-scale conflict. However, after the landing of the Horde and Alliance, the tribal get alliance with the Monkey Sun, and agree to provide the powerful arms. Knowing that, the alliance gets alliance with the Kam fish. This lead to Panda’s effort completely wasted.

Evil has swept across the battlefield, and even occupied the Jada Jiao Temple. The culprit is naturally alliance and tribe. When facing such a situation, the only thing can be done is waiting for the hero. If you want to be a hero, you can buy a world of warcraft account.

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