Saturday, 18 August 2012

World of Warcraft Music

World of Warcraft is an amazing online game. It’s contains profound culture. War, peace, love, hatred, affection, friendship are intertwined in World of Worcraft. There are many good songs in WoW. Today, I’d like to share some good music with you. If you don’t have a WoW account, you can register or buy a World of Warcraft account on a website.

Love of My Life
Each orange weapon has a story. Such as thundrfury, the blessing sword, the metamorphosis of the property, additional effect of each MT and the thieves of the ultimate goal. Even now, there are still many World of Warcraft players strive for these weapons. However, the sword is a symbol of love.
Sunderland prince falls in love with the Aysier, but he knows that he will be blind soon. Although Sunderland prince hope Aysier to be together with him, he doesn’t express his love to Aysier for he cannot give what she wants. Because of the war, Sunderland prince was sealed by Firelord Ragnaros and he can never see his beloved Aysier again. In fact, the content for the sword is: hero, wish you don’t regret a love.

Lift Thine Eyes
Whatever I may be, whatever I may becoming this world, I will always look out for you, Tyrande. Maybe, this music is not suitable. However, who knows the moon priestess, Tyrande, is not the angel of Lllidan. Lllidan Stormrage is a great boss who can be compared with the Lich King Arthas. The big head horns, broken wings, powerful force and the strong body are all admiration. However, the most moving thing in my heart is his love to Tyrande. When Tyrande came to save Julian, Lllian asked her: are you Tyrande? Yes, it’s you. I remember your voice. No matter when and no matter where you are, I know your voice. Even if I get in the dark more than one thousand years, your voice is still as moonlight just kept in my heart.”

A New Day Has Come
If you play World of Warcraft, you will be familiar with the song. As the theme song of World of Warcraft, A New Day Has Come is very positive and melodic. Whenever I hear this song, I will think of the rising song of the Mo Gao’s birthplace and the happiness of the crossroads.

In fact, there are many good songs and stories in World of Warcraft. I just select some of them. If you want to know more you can buy a world of warcraft account to play the game and enjoy the music. If you don’t know where to buy world of warcraft accounts, you can go to farmer100 to get some guides.

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