Friday, 26 April 2013

confused why Jagex change the stats of armor and weapon

Since player feedback is important, here is some player feedback.

Every time that Jagex change the stats of armor and weapon, it creates chaos in the economy and does not to diversify the armour/weapons that are used. Players are going to figure out which gear has the best stats and stick to that gear. You can try to tweak how armor and weapons work as much as you want, unless you present a range of armor/weapons with exactly identical stats, players will just use whatever gives the highest dps (damage per second).

STOP CHANGING THE STATS OF ARMOUR AND WEAPONS!! If do this, more players will pay for Runescape accounts for sale. Then Jagex can earn money from Runescape accounts selling and make RS better to play. This is a win-win situation as players can enjoy more from RS.

Some things I'd like is for bonecrusher and charm imp to work in lootshare/coinshare. I don't know how the coding differs for the two but it is always a little nicer to see clean drops on the ground with no bones.

They are changing stats because they are trying to fix the broken combat system, but they refuse to admit that the only way to fix it is to get rid of EoC and switch back to the original and only working combat system, so it will NEVER stop- Jagex will ruin your setups and economy many, many more times.

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