Saturday, 27 April 2013

Runescape is finally getting an interface

For fuck's sake.. Runescape is finally getting an interface that isn't laughable and people are still complaining. It's not a "wanna be" WOW.. it's an update that lets users change where certain aspects of the interface appear. It even allows multiple presets to be made, which is a feature that some other games don't even have. It's a great improvement that's worthy of selling runescape accounts for praise, not blind, butthurt ridicule.umm with the back pack needing to be opend like that you will not be able to eat food while bossing/ spam food and pots. so fair thats the only stupid idea taht this new cheap runescape accounts alpha has.

I think this new interface update is by far my favourite update that I have yet to see in RuneScape. ...well, other than back in the day when you guys added hunter. xD

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