Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Unless I increase the price of the shantay pass, thus reducing the quantity demanded of desert access then you will have a minimal quantity of laborers to build your precious army. You will have to rely on teleporters, which although make up a large amount of players, will not be as much as they used to. 
Although, as the wealthy ruler of AL Kharid, I can spend about 25 Billion coins to teach Shanty how to use unknown sorcery then allow him to recruit several combatants, who are of course loyal to me, and block all teleportation to your desert thus causing you to buy runescape account and have no people to be part of your army.
Also since your disconnected from the rest of the world you will have not a lot of resources to you disposal from other factions, your economy will suffer greatly.
Your plan is simply not feasible my friend, because even if you do get an army, I'd swiftly cursh you before you reach the Shantay Pass, with a strong alliance with King Ronald, the Duke of Lumbridge, King Arthur and the rest of the factions you just declared war on selling runescape accounts. Yes ive decided. Yanile! magical arts, not to busy or crowded, protected, has everything you need, and the nearest eventing staduim (aka castlewars) is right next door 

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