Thursday, 25 April 2013

Why I like new interface Alpha

I took about 5 minutes to mess around with the interfaces before dinner. I will be continuing that process here shortly, but my early suggestions/feedback are as follows:

1) I would like the camera to zoom further out than it does. I would more of an overhead view of my character. I feel like I'm not able to see enough of my surroundings while playing.

2)  I like that the mini-map can be re-sized to your liking, but you should also consider adding the ability to zoom in and out on the mini-map. I could re-size my mini-map pretty small and then zoom out so that I see the same amount of space.

3) I would like to see a more noticeable difference when toggling run on and off. I find the interface alpha version to be hard to see. The current version is sufficient.More coming soon...

Very nice job overall! After some polishing, the beta version of interfaces should be superb! I love a lot of included changes. I hope more players can buy runescape accounts to join it. It is really worthy of your payment. If more accounts for sale runescape sold, Jagex can more for us!

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