Sunday, 14 April 2013

Have you been ready for roundup?

 Will Runescape ever use the arrow keys for movement and space bar for jumping? I think that should be the next step.

I understand gaming tats but terrible placement, arms are meant for pieces not little symbols. Get a butterfly on your should while you're at it. If you are interested it, you can register a new runescape account or just buy a runescape account to enjoy gaming in Runescape.

The only thing stupid about the pic is that he has his arm smushed up to his body to make his bicep look bigger.  I don't think so, Undertaker has a mesh of tattoos that take up his body... lol, in all regards, he's never had the "Bandos Symbol" tattoo.

To Sabre, and Crow, and the other mods of this Runescape page: I'm sure I speak for all of the fans of the EoC when I say I apologize for these people complaining over all the effort to make this game the hit that it is today. Guess the whiners have never heard of change before.

Runescape accounts for sale are good if you like EoC.  You know you have a problem when you start becoming the game you constantly play.

Hahahha yea skinny arm tryna be bigger fuckim geek went outside for the first time in a year to get this tat haha.

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