Sunday, 14 April 2013


The team at RuneHQ are once again delving into the depths of Daemonheim! Join them at 10pm BST on W60! When I log onto the EOC servers or the cheap runescape accounts, then log out and go back to the 07 servers i noticed that my friends list and pm messaging system doesnt work. It is stop on "connecting to friendservver" and when it finally connects only a few friends are available and when I try to selling runescape accounts to message them it says "system busy"

 i think i know how daemonheim will be updated: dragonkin will apear and one shot kalger, then they will set relleka in flames without any reason to do so and, we will be able to that without actually requirinng any quest or level even tough the plot will be picked up from other places, i'm pretty sure that then, chaotic gear will not have any more level requeriments, will be no-degradable and it will be handed for free in any general store

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