Monday, 22 April 2013

How often would you get Dr. Jekyll random event

How often would you get this event with a Cadantine in your inventory? Trying to figure out whether it's actually worth it or not.Want to buy runescape account to join it? Runescape accounts for sale cheap are for you to buy cheap rs accounts.

If you're doing a skill like cooking, or anything near a bank it's probably worth keeping about 10 cadantine, as you can buy them for 400 each (they're pretty useless).

P.S. It has to be a clean cadantine.

Wow so he gives you the potion that associates with the herb you have? I never knew that! He always asks for my ranarr and I always said no because I needed them for ppots, wow he could have just gave me a pot for them haha. Thanks for the share

I gave him a guam leaf once and he just gave me a strength potion.

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