Monday, 22 April 2013

Sometimes you need to 'altar' your perception of things.

*sigh* that is a spot in members area near the gnome stronghold... I've spent most of my members time (both times) just traveling the game and memorizing where everything is. and also stop bloody complaining about the blasted EOC if you hate it so much then 2 things you can do. 1 quit playing runsecape. or 2 go to the 07 servers. seriously quit the rage. EOC to me is good granted some of the enemies could do with something of a mild vamping to slightly compensate for selling runescape accounts it but not a whole lot of a vamping...

 i was a pure pker see, kiling noobs was pleasing me, played the game scince 2003, and then one day E.O.C, it was shock! a system new, my pure was plain no longer owning rune, but rather than buy cheap runescape accounts complain i thought it through, got 34 defence now i can use freedom too!. anticipate your everymove, fragment shot then stun u too, deadly shot u back to school , eoc u fuking rule

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