Monday, 22 April 2013

master the elements are good

The emotes are quite cool and work well imo. Water could be a bit more impressive, I guess.

The fire outfit is cool and incorporates its element well in my opinion.
Water on the other hand does very little to incorporate water and if the water symbol wasn't on there I would've never known it was a water outfit.

Wind/air seems to miss the point. It seems to be about storm, but also not? I would've preferred an outfit about flying instead of a Zeus toga runescape sell accounts.

Earth is cool, but again, is it about earth? It seems to be about crystals, instead of something like a living rock archperson.

Disheartened has a point. I was expecting the monthly free item from SGS to be something new, then after the month is up it would require money like other items. I was not expecting that you would be making unpopular existing items free.

I'd prefer something new so players who already paid for runescape account do not get their feathers ruffled over paying for something that eventually becomes free. It should start free then require money. I think that's more fair.

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