Monday, 1 April 2013

I am major

I am major ,graduated from Changsha environmental protection vocation last year, I went to Guangdong province as I graduated in the Shoetown company .but I came back again to Changsha this year want to find a job related to English, so I send my resume to the Changsha congchen electron business company which is a company to sell the games called Runescape account to foreigners.  and in the march 29th,I got a interview here,
Which makes me so exciting.i have tried my best to show myself  to let the manager to accept me, finally, I got the opportunity to have a try for 7days begin from April 1st.

I come to our company early this morning to find our collegues are sitting there for working ,the first I think is I must work hard like them ,and then my manager tell me our company’s site ,and then I surfing the site for a long time ,knowing some about our productions,the next I receive a profile from my manager ,she told me what I will do in the whole day ,when I read the items of the profile ,I was just a little confused,I just don’t know what I can do, then I ask her,with the help of my manager,I do it step by step.

And now I am sitting in my office desk to write this article, I have known much about the company, the company have itself site at , it is to sell games to others mostly to foreigners ,they have two modules, they are Buy Runescape accounts and Sell escape accounts , for example ,if you want to play Runescape games ,you have to create the runescape accout for free,and then you must buy the game for play ,the games ranges kinds of levels ,you can buy any levels you like ,the lower levels ,the lower payment you should pay, so you maybe can buy a lower level in a cheap payments, and then you will play it ,with the levels you play higher, the profit you get larger. for example, when you buy the games ,you play it for some time and got a higher level, then you don’t like to play it anymore or you want to play much higher level, so you can sell your account that you bought here before with a expensive price, which is a method of earn money, founded in 2006, is a professional Runescape account trading company. They have a strong research team, for guarantee the safety of the transaction account.  "Try our best to supply the cheapest runescape accounts and offer  the best service for players!" is their company core values.

The first day I come to congchen electron business company is impressed me a lot. maybe I am not the best one ,but I will try my best to do better.

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