Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Brief introduction to Myths of The White Lands

For those players who are familiar about it will know that it is very suitable for nonmembers and there is no requirement of runescape account. Here I will show you how to play it. If the levels of your runescape account are very high and you want to take challenges, you can sell and buy runescape accounts. In this way, it can make your experiences more colorful.

Though there is no requirement of rs accounts, it is better to have the abilities like this: 30 level of hand crafting, 80 level of cut down a tree and 55agile which can experience in the maze.

In the north of Lumbridge castle, players need to found Explorer Jack. Accept the tasks, and then ask him lots of question. He wants you to go to the wizard Tower and find Isidor. In a wizard Tower bottom find Isidor, talk, and go to the snow.

Here is a maze. Maze is full of ice; you can't walk and can only be skiing. Run into icicles or stone walls, ice can be stopped. Run into the ground, players can stand on it.

This is the progress of myths of the white lands strategy in runescape. In ordinary, you can get lots of experiences and rewards from this quest. If you want to get more, you can try to practice the level of your rs accounts. However, for some people, they think where to buy runescape accounts is more important. In this way, they can sell or buy rs facebook poker chips as their wish. No matter, what kind of way participant chooses to play this game, they may get lots from it.

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