Sunday, 7 April 2013

Earn rs gold with Woodcutting

If you are free players without paid runescape accounts, you can train high level Woodcutting to earn money. As long as you have Woodcutting higher than 60, you can try in my way to make rs gold.

It turns out that numerous players can earn more than a million GP within a few weeks. So this is the reason why I recommend this step.

The most efficient way to make money is improve you woodcutting level till you can cut Yew logs, each of which can be sold for about 200 GP .

If you cut 1300 Yew logs and sell 200 GP each, then you can earn 260,000 GP
Don’t sell them less than the price I suggest and avoid being cheated by those players who announce they won’t sell them so that they can’t pay each as the above listed.

Now, you succeed earning your first 500,000 GP without having to cheat others. If you have better ideas, you can post your comments.

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