Sunday, 7 April 2013

Solomon’s General Store: Executioner Outfit & Actor’s Emote Pack

Greetings, adventurer.

This week, it is my pleasure to unveil a dual release: the Executioner Outfit and Axe, and the Actor’s Emote Pack.

Throughout all time, the figure of the executioner has inspired inescapable dread. Now, you are able to invoke the same, with the Executioner Outfit!

With this cosmetic garb, one can cut a swathe of fear in all paths they walk. But what is an executioner without a fitting instrument of death? The executioner must have their trademark axe at their disposal!
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This vicious weapon is guaranteed to complete a thoroughly intimidating outfit. Designed to end lives as efficiently as is possible, the Executioner Axe overrides any equipped maul or halberd.

For my second release of the week, I’ve heard your requests for a greater selection of expressive emotes. Always one to meet a demand, I present to you the Actor's Emote Pack.

This vast range of articulate emotes – numbering eighteen in all – allows you to express your mood or response to those around you. Sentiments from sobbing and distress to excitement and contemplation are now yours to convey. Indeed, there is even a ‘Talk to Skull’ emote for the thespian in all of us.

These additions to my illustrious store are available now, so please do drop in at your earliest convenience. If you wish to purchase additional RuneCoins, you can do so here or by clicking ‘Buy RuneCoins’ inside my store – and don’t forget that I offer a 10% discount to all members.

Until next time. It's been forever, RuneScape. I miss you. But alas if I come back I will have to spend another month on all the new quests and whatnot to keep my Completionist's Cape.

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