Thursday, 11 April 2013

It's been almost a month since the relaunch of the wilderness and it has become extremely busy in RuneScape - especially in the Wilderness. Therefore we thought we could take a look back at cheap runescape accounts and the previous weeks and let you guess how many play.Well not everyone has climbed over the Wall of the Wilderness. But the Pkers and the Runecrafters climb over that wall dozens of times in a day if not more. so i'm gonna say at least 15million times

i wanted it but now i dont like it as much...mostly because before people had no reason to hack an account but now that they can trade anything i got my newly obtained gear stolen...but thats the life of an online game i guess At first I thought it was how many people died, now how many jumped the gate and will selling runescape accounts. Haha. My guess was well off because of that. Great bit of information though, thanks Jagex.

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