Thursday, 11 April 2013

Throne of Thunder LFR difficulty

ust saying, but in my opinion, making WoW easier, is inevitably what ruined the game. It's too easy to get gear nowadays, therefore there is no sense of challenge. That's why I don't play anymore.

 totally agree with Jason, though I still play. You make what many fight for accessable for those who have no dedication whatsoever. You remember how many % of the wow-subscribers who got to see Naxx in Vanilla?

I just sometimes miss the good old days. I mean yes some of the new additions are great and all, but I believe they sometimes take away from the actual gameplay you know? It's like when one problem is fixed, more are created. Keep up the work. I'm read to see what WoW has for us in the future.

I dont think there's anything wrong with the LFR system handng out gear, because gear doesn't make the player; I know of people with an ilevel of over 500 who are terrible and are getting nowhere, yet know of raids with lower ilevel clearing a lot more content. Sticking your nose up at the fact people can gain 'nice' gear easier than they used to is village idiot attitude. Also Duru on LFR isn't all that easy either; Havng no control over the yellow beam sucks and majority of the raid group stand in purple stuff and get one shot after a few ticks, thus proving my point that you can give people gear, as the ilevel for that LFR is high, but it doesn't mean anything.

That's why you do heroic modes, or try and get a 2400+ rating. That shit isn't easy. The whole game isn't easy, it's just more balanced FOR casuals AND hardcore gamers. + With like 9 million subs I hardly say the game is ruined. o.o;

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