Monday, 20 May 2013

Aspects of Creation itself

Let's look at the sha. They are the embodiment of different aspects of emotion -- negative emotion. They were caused by the death of the old god Y'shaarj, who was presumably killed by a Titan. Upon his death, his essence leeched into Pandaria itself, haunting it forever. The sha cannot be killed, exactly -- they can merely be contained, as Emperor Shaohao discovered. And as we discussed last week, this makes perfect sense if you look at Azeroth as an entity -- emotion exists, both negative and positive. Excising emotion just creates the robotic kinds of creations that the Titans are totally keen on bringing into being.

But let's look at the other Old Gods. C'thun whispers forboding messages to us throughout the entirety of our travels through Ahn'Qiraj -- whispers of friends abandoning us, death being close, our courage failing -- all messages intended to buy wow gold and encourage paranoia. Yogg-Saron, in Northrend, does much the same thing -- whispers accusing you of being a pawn, blaming you for events out of your control, pointing out that you'll be alone -- encouraging feelings of guilt, abandonment, fear. Each aspect of the Old Gods we have encountered has, at its base root, represented some sort of negative emotion.

And then we have the Ancients.

Know Your Lore, Tinfoil Hat Edition Celestials, Ancients and Aspects
Goldrinn, spirit of ferocity. Tortolla, spirit of perseverance through endless patience. Chi-Ji, spirit of hope. Xuen, spirit of strength. For every negative emotion that the Old Gods represent, there is an Ancient or a Celestial that represents its opposite. And if, in fact, the Ancients were spawned by Azeroth, it was either because of the presence of the Old Gods -- to act as a counterpoint to that negativity and inspire the mortals of the world -- or because you cannot have one without the other. You cannot have hope without despair to get cheap wow gold and possess hope in the face of. You cannot have anger without the option of peace. You cannot have weakness without the option of strength. You cannot have order without the option of chaos.

Existence is the process of walking that line between chaos and order. We sit at the junction of good and evil, using what we have learned before to determine what the next course of action should be. Without this exercise in judgment and thinking, we may as well be a footstool sitting on a living room carpet -- devoid of any life.

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