Friday, 17 May 2013

the future of SEOer

Search engine optimization is not a few meta-tags, etc. can say clearly. Analyze every detail, there is nothing wrong, who stand on the overall perspective done a complete judgment? Everyone says, I will SEO, I will network marketing? Boy, put a label on too much. The several keywrods "Success Stories? Do not crap! Here to declare points: the so-called "Brick House" Do not cause me any trouble, I am not an expert, I think that the expert is shot dead a brick brick home! So-called Trader, Do not look for me, I am nervous, you have control over numerous so-called Nebula site, N NB keywords, NB traffic, the case of Nb, N multi-industry station, but later it? Is your Trader own website to C to say is that this is over, the next! Well, you know it, clap your PP leave, far away you are finished next!

Above purely personal vent. Also look Tell me what you do not pigeon-holing. This industry hell broke loose, just want to vent. I have four years experience on SEO. Once I committed to diablo 3 accounts for sale. I usually write guides for d3 players about Diablo 3 account skills training and d3 gold making.

Vent over, say, or say:

Search engine optimization practitioners path of development, I wrote seo fact, many people are beginning to slowly have the knowledge required to master the skills inventory, now slowly see very clearly, search engine optimization staff career development path and trajectory, here to share with you a few points:

Product Manager (PM) Many people do not understand why search engine optimization will become a product manager? Yes, because you are the best understanding of customers' needs, you see a competitor's site is more than enough, you can see more products, SEO is to share.

Marketing Manager (MM) of course, are more familiar with, is search engine optimization staff attribution. Search engine marketing affiliate marketing perspective, in fact, marketing is a lot of learning, it is recommended that you subscribe to a little more than marketing books and marketing blog to see more of how others are marketing, SEO / SEM is certainly efficient, but it will not be long-term we all know, the entire network marketing budget of many companies now occupy only less than 5%, 95% of marketing channels are still traditional channels, we think, Shi Yuzhu why do gold wine know.

Operations Manager (OM), this is a blind spot for SEO, many people think that the operation of my business what ah? Think about your link support, the number of operators in exchange for, and you import flows, how to transform, how transformation, advertising or a member or members of the effect of membership cycle considerations, this will let you from a higher route to go further.

In fact, search engine optimization staff on the road a lot, as long as you go, a lot of things can be done, there may be gray approach, but this widespread in many companies, see the application, appropriate, be used with caution.

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