Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Combine ingredients, mix until smooth

Despite your best efforts, trying to juggle too many WoW groups could bring the whole thing crashing down on your head. The more you divide your attention, the more opportunities there are to trip up –- or you could simply find yourself overbooked. Some of the best-laid plans will simply fail to buy cheap wow gold rise, leaving you with a doughy partnership that nobody's especially keen to bite into.

Don't be afraid to say no or to stop doing something that isn't fun any more. Leaving a guild or regular gaming group doesn't mean goodbye forever. You can get cheap wow gold for sale still keep in contact with friends you don't play with regularly.

Talk, talk, talk to your WoWmates, and try again. Or try something different. Or try something that's not WoW. Sometimes, the best solution is stepping away for a change of pace. Ever considered a casual night of homebrew and Hearthstone? ...

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