Monday, 27 May 2013

Google's strange rules: URL does not index with .0

Two days ago SEOMoz discover and solve a problem very strange Google Index.

SEOMoz have a page that is hosted on their Web 2.0 Awards (Web 2.0 Awards). A URL is:

This award quite popular on the Internet, a lot of links, URL is a PR7. And has been in the Google search "Web 2.0 Award" when they came in first.

But a few days ago SEOMoz discovery search Web 2.0 Award,Diablo 3 account this page disappeared from Google. Topping the list is a deeper page.

SEOMoz can not figure out what is going on. So Rand contacted people who know the inside Google, Google's URL into the person would be best not to .0 ending.

Note the SEOMoz the page URL, not followed by a slash followed by a /. In most cases, URL does not end with the typical file extensions such as. Html,. Php, etc., URL will be treated as directories, directory name is not followed by a slash, the server will automatically add a slash at the back. For example a daily SEO, if the user directly open:

Or there are other pages linking to the above URL, the server will automatically make a 301 turn to:

For some reason, SEOMoz this URL does not do 301 automatic steering slash after the directory, or URL that ends in .0:

Browsers and spiders put this URL as a file name, the file name extension (or file type) is 1.0. The .0 file Google declined included, like. Exe files.

SEOMoz did a lot of research and found that the page has not been included because of this problem really is the end in .0 URL. Found on the Internet ending in .0 file is included in the Google database. The following documents like never included on Google, but Yahoo has included: / Bugs: Most_Annoying_Bugs_10.0

And very similar to following URL, Google have included: / Bugs: Most_Annoying_Bugs_10.3

Compare these two URL, domain names, link depth almost no difference, the only difference is the different end of the URL: / Bugs: Most_Annoying_Bugs_10.3 included / Bugs: Most_Annoying_Bugs_10.0 not included

SEOMoz discovered this problem, made a post. Matt Cutts also quickly back posts, made a recovery and adjustment. buy diablo 3 account Matt Cutts said, because even to the URL

Links long enough to make Google think it should be included that URL version, but Google not included .0 files, so SEOMoz This page has been deleted.

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