Thursday, 2 May 2013

finally free of people posting irrelevant things

Does this mean we are finally free of people posting irrelevant things that have nothing to do about the topic that was posted by RuneScape? Thank goodness for that. Though personally I would give them a taste of their own medicine by going to their page and complaining about them releasing Old School, but I'd rather not stoop to their level.Lol more like old new runescape. Bring back runescape classic for the ones who actually made this site possible. Get rid of GE and bring back merching or selling runescape accounts.

Would be helpful if you could pay more attention to Classic Runescape, like allowing player to not actually have to trawl though the site to get to it. Far too much focus on "old" RS.Trying to rebuild my 07 account like I had it, but scared Jagex will just take it away again. I would pay a huge fee to get my old stats back or buy runescape account.....Keep dreaming right?

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