Wednesday, 22 May 2013

how do you think of RS new interface system

That's soooo clever Caelin, it's not like just about every fool complaining since Eoc's announcement has tried to crack that one =_=

Beat you to it. ive been playing since 2003 and i quit as soon as i saw my character with abnormally huge sized breasts.... lol noobs quiting bc updates who cares its a game thats like saying o i got this new game the next one comes out nothing new i still play it new one comes out with one thing new im not playing i quite lol noobs runescape gold not trying new stuff gee go play some little baby cod its new stuff get over it.

 In all reality every one that "quit" is still playing runescape probably at this moment or once they get home from school, wake up. what ever  point is just a bunch of idiots bandwagoning becuase he has like 600 likes so many players can earn from selling runescape accounts.

Bryan, LMAO! Kid, i've been playing since classic. I mean 2001 classic. Seriously boy, get your jimmies unrustled and stop generalizing every one who supports Jagex as a new player. You know nothing.

To Mod Crow: The uses of a new graphic system and the development of the graphics it self are no benefit what so ever to runescape money  You are loosing many paying members by the day being one of them myself.

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