Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Wonderful wow Picture

You guys should know i love this game and i play this for years and will never quit. But they do expansion after expansion patch after patch they upload thing way to fast. years ago you could enjoy the patches before the new came everything required skill Like pvp and now? what u dont even need arena raiting for better gear u lvl to 90 in like 2 days thats just to sick and you lose all the fun of the game. (Sorry For Not The Best English)

Wonderful, realms have been down for nearly nine hours and you've managed to update your Facebook cover photo. You get a cookie.! I will not resub again. I must quit once and for all cheap wow gold. Well, maybe I'll just buy a month to see the content. Maybe another month to finish leveling an alt. Maybe 2 months to max some more profs...but then I swear I will be done! League doesn't even fit under the same category as WoW. Please don't say it's better or compare the two at all. I think that's rather insulting to buy wow gold and MMORPG's.

i agree with that i enjoyed when normal dungeons actually took teamwork nd cc... now its run through everything.. no environment interaction.. used to sell wow accounts or need help on some quests nd meet new players now its que for fast dongeon sit in city and wait... sooo fking boring

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