Thursday, 9 May 2013

I love my Demon Hunters

I love my Demon Hunters. It does get a bit boring to constantly play but being able to actually tank in my current build makes it fun to play. I hated having to worry about being 2 shotted or 3 shotted before. I can solo farm mp7 on my "softcore" DH who I haven't played in a couple of months but I spent a little gold on gearing him up. sell diablo 3 account My hardcore DH can solo mp3, I haven't tried anything higher due to the fear of dying. Anyone else love DH? I blame myself for playing a rogue and hunter in WoW for years. I also loved the assassin from D2 so the DH seemed like the perfect class for me.

the dh is a killer change from the barb. it kinda sucks at first but after you start getting gear it only gets better. at least now you can craft gloves, shoulders,bracers and amulet to get you going or even to upgrade.


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  1. I still play DH, but without RMAH, Diablo 3 is not so exciting, as it used to be :)