Saturday, 11 May 2013

SEO Optimization Guide specification

Carefully read the next few days ago Soso SEO Optimization Guide specification, the following is Yanagimura "white hat SEO" a piece of text analysis feelings to share with you, welcome you to review guidance.

Soso original "white hat SEO, refers to through reasonable optimize website, to enhance the user experience, and a good search engine interaction, a true reflection of site quality and authoritative search engine optimization methods." The white hat SEO, there are three "reasonable optimize your site to improve the user experience "," optimize the website in order to improve interaction with search engines convenience, "a true reflection of site quality and authority", said the first two points of view.

Reasonable optimize the site to improve the user experience

This should be said from the marketing website building, from the users to browse websites fluency, to facilitate smooth, reduce bounce rate, increase valuable content. After all, a website for customer service, if the user feel bad, come out after, then the search engines will certainly not have been the station ranking front, a waste of user time. Here corresponds we SEOer often said, may be website content, function, users can provide useful information, help, entertainment, and is able to solve customer problems.

Optimize the site in order to improve the convenience interact with search engines

This is website optimization technical level, the main is conducive to spider crawl content, easy search engine sentenced to recognize page Juche idea. The code of the site is simple, avoid redundancy, it is best to div + css layout can call external files on the external call. Clear structure, nothing hinder the spider bug, code page opens fast, alt tags, h tags rational use of this information.

The real reflect site quality and authority

This may be outside the chain, "a true reflection of site quality and authoritative" really do not know how to have a say. Personal feeling is not to say that the site outside the chain and content with a reasonable, not too much, if there is no content outside the chain is very powerful, is untrue reflect the site quality and authoritative? Literally, from the external publicity to determine this point, only outside the chain. If that is true, then a website quality, provide something of value to the user. PS: now very popular brush Baidu drop-down related, should be "a true reflection of site quality and authoritative".

Overall, the station optimization, architecture, code conducive to search engine spiders crawl included in the ranking, content, available to the user useful information content tools to meet customer needs to solve customer problems outside the chain and content, the two by balance to a long-lasting, built to last. "All the SEO work should follow the principle of search engine and user value as a precondition."

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