Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Making runescape money from fletching

Fletching will be an skill where you can make money by doing two things. One making arrowshafts and then headless into arrows. Bronze, iron and even steel will be in Huge demand for rangers. You could team up with a smither and get higher lvl of arrow tips. You would also need feathers, which should be fairly cheap if buying in the correct places (Chicken farms)

The other way of gaining
runescape money will be to make bows, not any bows but bows we will high alch.
Maple longbow
Yew longbow
Magic longbow

Also the shorter ones will have a price, since archers will be needing them. But do not make too many of them! This will give magers exp when they alch them. And give you a handy profit for selling them! If you want to
buy cheap rs gold, http://rs.farmer100.com/runescape-money/ is good for you.


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