Sunday, 5 May 2013

new level 1-30-40

I don't understand why JaGex is still making new level 1-30-40 and 60 weapons when higher tiered 80+ is still not balanced with Drygore not having equivalent in ranged and mage. It's unfair that they make only last a few days, when I haven't got time to do anything... Think they want to force us to play it, just to collect it I would want all 3 of them. But it's nearly immpossible! Where do you even acquire blueprints without buying spins? I have killed slaying for days now and nothing has dropped it at all.

i mined for a week got my ore got a diamond on wheel and tryed killing for 2 days with no luck getting the I gave away my ore tonight. No sense in wasting it; sigh. disappointed.Good runescape accounts for sale

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