Monday, 6 May 2013

Join Runescape F2P of P2P world?

I wanted to know who of you is playing Runescape at the moment? Cause is it really worth paying a membership - what exactly are the advantages or is it too hard lvl up on your own?
Just thinking to start the game, therefore I want to know!

Well honestly free to play is like a trial. You get a majority of the skills and can level them up, but are seriously set back in certain areas. You get like 20 quests or something with free to play and over 150 for paying. If you want to earn more rs gold , you need to join membership.

It's been a while since I played Runescape, but I remember quite happily going to level 40 or so without spending any money.

As Panther2103 rightly says, you can treat the F2P section as a trial version. If you want more of the stuff, go for the subscription. If not, that's cool, just move onto another game!

f2p is sure trail version so you better start with it. I guess till like lvl 50-70 (depends on you) you don't even need to pay.
normally these day you'll be bored enough when comes to lvl 60 for simply quite game.

I used to play a lot, was may be highest f2p lvl.=D

game was very good back to 2005-2007, after it became just mind controlled and obsolete, good only for 10-14 years kids.

after they removed restrictions, game became infested by bots, RWT etc. later Jagex even introduced roulette to buy-to-win option.

all over this game is pretty outdated, too grindy, laggy, buggy and spoiled by bots + item shop.

I don't see why to pay up to 8$/month for such game when you have tons of A+++ f2p games now. But I agree that if you buy rs accounts, you can get discount when buy runescape gold.

But if you still interested, just take a look at f2p, it FREE anyhow.=D

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