Saturday, 15 June 2013

Diablo 3 PS3Preorder Items

Wish we got cool stuff, an offline mode and better drops. Console gets everything.

Josh as a long time played Blizzerd fan we do need to see this change over to skill points .   We will see a jump in players as well sells if you change this over , It will make each player more uniqe as there own character.

     As of right now its not uniqe. we are all the same and that makes it well not vary fun cus the nexted persons Diablo 3 item skills is the same , I have talked to alot of friends of mine that like Diablo and would love to see this change , They would come back to Diablo and play, So Please here us out and try it.

Yeah, cause you care only about your sales lately. Who cares whether the game is actually good or not. It's not good I can tell you that sell diablo 3 account . I want improvements for D3. I enjoy playing D2 more to be hones, even after so many years. I know D3 is still quite fresh, so there's still hope, I guess...

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