Monday, 17 June 2013

I prefer that any recent lore

I prefer that any recent lore be applied in the game in some fashion, at least important scenes from the books. Past lore, like the War of the Ancients or the second orc invasion or something, that's fine to keep in book form, as that isn't necessarily immediately relevant to the game. Additionally, fun fluff lore is also fine to keep in book format. When I say this, I mean that character that isn't necessarily a huge part of the game, and doesn't necessarily have any tie ins to what's currently going on. I could say the story of Med'an in that aspect, for example. As much as I'd love to see his stuff play out in the game, his story hasn't had a huge effect in that the game needs his story to exist right now.An example of what I felt really needed to stay in the game was the Shattering. That entire book was incredibly important, a must-read to get fast wow gold understand what was going on in the Cataclysm expansion. Don't get me wrong, the book was awesome, and I'm not saying they should have never made it a book, but I think having it only in book form was a poor decision. As Kelsey said below me, finding out that the king of ironforge was suddenly trapped in stone through the game is incredibly confusing. Yeah, they reference the fact that he'd become 'one with the earth,' and all, but it seems all so sudden, with no cheap wow accounts proper explanation unless you've read the book. Plus, on top of that, it also spoils the book. You see the aftereffects right then and there.

For the most part, I ignore WoW lore. The parodying, fourth-wall breaking, and overall campy factor of a majority of the game completely dispels any of the seriousness for me, and I find myself ignoring quest text and NPCs dialogue because I just can't bring myself to care. I'd prefer it if they went for an over-the-top, B-Movie feel. Make the World of Warcraft actually ABOUT a world overrun by heroes constantly trying to sell wow accounts prove themselves, instead of trying to make us believe there's only a small number of those heroes that actually exists.

Wow lore should be in game. Have supplementary stuff in the books and comics. Warcraft Legends is the way to go. Having the events of The Shattering in a book is a massive failure on blizzard's storytelling. Scripted events and cutscenes are great. EPL does that very well. Quest text shouldn't be in game. Being forced to read a pamphlet after every scene of a movie to understand the story is bad storytelling. A sort of theatre that shows lore moments would be very nice.

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